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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Questions

[+] How can I tell the actual size of the medals?
[+] Why are the images on your medals clearer than other medals I've seen?
[+] Do you carry 14 karat gold?
[+] How do I create an account?
[+] How do I place an order?
[+] Can I purchase jewellery on your site if I'm not a retail store?
[+] What is your minimum order?
[+] Do you have a store?

General Jewellery Questions

[+] What are those stamps on the back of jewellery?
[+] How do I know I'm getting real gold and/or sterling silver?
[+] Is 18 karat gold better than 10 karat gold?
[+] What does the 'sterling' in sterling silver mean?
[+] What does 'rhodium plated' mean?
[+] Gold Plated vs Gold Filled: What's the difference?